Our Values

Nature Play and Time Outside

What that looks like:

·  We use lots of natural materials 

·  Our outdoor space inspires creative play

·  We spend a minimum of two hours outside every day, rain or shine, and more during the summertime

Why it’s important:

·  It nurtures a child’s spirit and curiosity

·  It helps build physical strength and confidence 

·  It helps us stay healthy

·  It allows children to use all their senses which stimulates healthy brain development

Child Independence & Capability

What that looks like:

·  We encourage children to learn to do their own coats, zippers, shoes, and other personal care tasks

·  Children make their own choices for much of the day

·  We use furniture and materials that children can use independently of adult help

Why it’s important:

·  Develops healthy self-esteem and self-concept

·  Shows children we value their abilities 

·  Children are more invested in their learning 

Social & Emotional Learning

What that looks like:

·  Puppet shows that teach children how to label and manage their feelings

·  We guide children in developing empathy by pointing out others’ feelings and perspectives 

·  We help them develop their own toolbox of skills for solving conflicts

Why it’s important:

·  Social and emotional skills are a huge indicator of later success in school and in life

·  The sensitive period for developing empathy and perspective-taking is during preschool years

Classroom Community

What that looks like:

·  Children help us keep the environment clean

·  Children see their names and faces all over the school

·  Many opportunities for large-group time, such as circle, outdoor games, and lunch

Why it’s important:

·  Children feel emotionally safe

·  Children are invested in their community and learn responsibility

Eco Healthy

What that looks like:

·  We use cloth rags to dry our hands

·  We teach and practice recycling and non-waste

·  We use eco-healthy cleaning products

·  We issue reusable wet bags for school clothes that get wet/dirty

·  We serve organic snacks

Why it’s important:

·  Our school environment is clean and healthy

·  Through our sustainable practice we lessen our environmental footprint

·  We teach children to be good stewards of our planet

Family Partnerships

What that looks like:

· We hold several community events throughout the year, we welcome families to participate and share in the classroom in many ways, and we encourage play dates among the children

Why it’s important:

We strongly believe that working with families is key to best serving the needs of their children, and we love the rich and diverse culture that every family brings to our school